Mary Jane’s Medicinals


Pain Relief Salve:
Uses includes relief of headaches, cramps, joint pain, muscle aches, and itchy rashes.

Topical Tincture:
Alcohol based Cannabis/Arnica infusion. Apply directly to injured or painful area, or to temples for headache and stress relief.

Lip Bong:
This incredibly moisturizing lip balm keeps lips plump and nourished in dry Colorado conditions.

Heavenly Hash Bath:
We blend the cannabis leaves with lavender, chamomile, peppermint, grape seed oil, dead sea salt and Epsom salts to create a transformative, soothing soak. Any stress and anxiety will be replaced by a sense of well being.

Body Lotion:
This rich and luxurious lotion will leave your skin radiant and silky smooth. Our lotion contains Grape seed, coconut, jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oils, as well as beeswax.

Body & Massage Oil:
This product is good for people who have larger areas of pain, like Restless Leg Syndrome or Neuralgia because the oil spreads easily over large areas of the body.