Cannabis in Colorado

In the state of Colorado it is now legal to purchase, possess and consume marijuana. However, there are still rules one must follow to keep completely legal.

You need to be 21 or older for any of this to apply — if you’re a Colorado resident under the age of 21 medical marijuana may be an option

You can’t possess marijuana just anywhere — it is still illegal in the state of Colorado to possess marijuana in national parks and forests, courthouses, airports and federal buildings.

You can only possess up to an ounce at a time — Medical marijuana users can get around this limit. When making purchases Colorado residents can purchase that full ounce at once but out-of-staters are limited to 1/4oz per purchase. You may make multiple purchases in one day.

There’s barely anywhere you can legally consume — If you’re on residential property with the homeowner’s consent, you can consume marijuana. If you’re at a private club, you can consume marijuana. Everywhere else? It’s just as illegal as it used to be.

Edibles are a discrete way to consume cannabis, but eating a brownie in a park is technically just as illegal as smoking a bong in a park.

Almost all of the recreational marijuana stores are in Denver — Here is a listing of recreational dispensaries in the state.

Outside of Denver it can be a long drive to find the nearest recreational store.

It costs about $400/ounce from recreational stores — Between ~25% taxes and retail prices that are higher-than-average, buying marijuana from a recreational store isn’t cheap. (Black market prices are around $200/ounce.)

Everything available to medical marijuana users is available to recreational marijuana users — Recreational marijuana users can buy flowers, concentrates and edibles at stores.

You can grow your own — With the permission of the homeowner, Coloradans may grow up to 6 plants per person. For further information on this see /r/microgrowery.

You can’t sell anything you have — It is illegal to sell marijuana in any form unless you’re a licensed marijuana dispensary. If you need to get rid of some weed, just give it away. /r/cotreegifting would be a great place to give it out.

You can get a DUI — The limit for DUI is 5ng of THC measured in your blood. Chronic smokers are likely past that limit days after smoking. Marijuana is also treated like an open container, store it in your trunk whenever traveling.

Employers can still fire you — The amendment that legalized marijuana explicitly states the legality of marijuana shall have no effect on drug testing policies.

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