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Always new strains to suit your varied needs. We have some of the most amazing medicinal marijuana to suit your medicinal needs.

Not only do we have smokeables, we have edibles, tintures and more.

Telluride Green Room also carries a spectrum of tools to use with your medicine.

Additionally we display carefully selected artworks ranging from local artisans to Haitian bas Relief.

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Telluride, Colorado's leading medical marijuana dispensary in variety and quality. We are the provider of the finest, most reasonably priced, diverse marijuana medicines and products to serve your medical needs. In addition to our medicine we have a selection of books and artwork to educate and enlighten you.

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The Telluride Green room strives to provide the highest quality medicinal marijuana available, in many forms to suit your individual needs. With service to match, we are a rTGR Xmas 2010egionally based company, dedicated to buying locally, whenever possible, and bringing the best solutions our region has to offer it's residents and visitors.

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